Creating Instruments at Home

Creating Instruments at Home

Adding The Finishing Touches: What Your Mobile Home Builder Left Out

by Ramona Lawrence

There is a lot of versatility to building and owning a mobile home. In fact, most of them are constructed like modular homes—in sections in a factory. The other trait they share with modular homes is that the finishing touches, the little things that make it home to you, are left out. Although you cannot claim sweat equity for adding these final details to your mobile home, you can feel good about the fact that you made it your own. To get started, there are a few places you can browse to find what you are looking for.

Check with the Manufacturer of Your Mobile Home

It is not uncommon for mobile home manufacturers to also sell all the extras on the side. They probably gave you a catalog of spare mobile home supplies when you initially signed a contract with them to build your mobile home. If they did not give you a catalog, ask them if they have a catalog of mobile home accessories and parts.

Visit Home Remodeling Stores

Many of the extras you will need, such as faucets, interior doors, sink basins, etc., are sold at home remodeling stores. If you do not have a working knowledge of measurements as they apply to home construction and projects, you can ask a professional to take the measurements for you. Some interior measurements of a mobile home are not standard nor do they correlate to a stationary home's measurements. You can special order what you need through a home remodeling store and then have it installed by one of their subcontractors.

Connecting with Specialty Industries

Along with mobile home construction, there are several industries that specialize in the manufacture of mobile home supplies. The particularly nice feature about these companies is that they have a large inventory and supply mobile home owners with parts that are hard to find or obsolete. They supply all makes and models of mobile homes, regardless of the age of the home. When you cannot find a part, they are able to suggest a similar part that fits and works as a reasonable substitute.

Additional Supplies to Make Your Home More Comfortable

Unless you pay for all of the upgrades prior to the building of your mobile home, it probably was built with the most basic parts. This means that it is built to code for your state and the area in which you will reside. If you want to make it more energy efficient, insulate it better, or increase the amount of electricity your power box can produce, then you will need to buy these parts separate and make the upgrades on your own.


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Creating Instruments at Home

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