Creating Instruments at Home

Creating Instruments at Home

Hard Drive Shredding: Why It Is More Ideal Than Overwriting To Delete Data

by Ramona Lawrence

Do you have an old hard drive that you want to get rid of? If the hard drive was overwritten and you think it is safe to place in a dumpster, you may want to invest in hard drive shredding instead. In this article, learn why overwriting a hard drive is not sufficient enough to get rid of the data on it and why hard drive shredding is the best solution.

Why is Overwriting a Hard Drive Not Good Enough Before Discarding It?

Before you can fully understand why overwriting a hard drive is not good enough to get rid of data for good, you must first learn how it is constructed inside. There is a round device on the inside of your hard drive that is known as a platter. The platter is the main aspect of the hard drive because it is where numerous tracks are located, which covers the platter in the shape of different sized rings.

The rings are like borders that are used divide areas in the platter known as sectors. The sectors are the areas of the platter that is responsible for storing the data on your computer. Although a hard drive can be overwritten multiple times with fresh information, it is possible for the sectors to retain some of the old data. The bad thing about that is that someone can get your discarded hard drive and take it to a professional that may be able to retrieve personal information that is on your hard drive.

Before the data can be completely removed with no possibility of old data being retrieved, all of the tracks and sectors will have to be destroyed. Hard drive shredding is the most ideal way to destroy the tracks and sectors.

What Exactly is Hard Drive Shredding?

Hard drive shredding from companies like STS Electronic Recycling involves the complete disassembly of the device. The hard drive will be opened for accessing the platter. Upon opening the platter, the tracks and sectors will be individually removed to make sure no trace of data can be retrieved. In the end, the hard drive will be nothing more than a lot of shreds that is no longer able to be installed in a computer.

All it takes is a few pieces of your personal information being left on a hard drive for criminals to steal your identity. Make sure a hard drive shredding company is contacted to get your data discarded the safe way!


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