Creating Instruments at Home

Creating Instruments at Home

Why Now Is The Ideal Time To Submit A Trucking Job Application

by Ramona Lawrence

The transportation services sector is currently plagued with driver shortage issues. The magnitude of this problem has increased so much that the American Trucking Association (ATA) has decided to run a few awareness campaigns designed to help industry players find new recruits. In a recent article, Wee stated that there are more than 30K vacancies available in the trucking sector.

This means that if you submit an application today, there's a strong likelihood that you'll get accepted. This article explains why now is the ideal time to submit trucking jobs application:

What are the origins of the driver shortage problem?

The transportation services sector was essentially hit by two things:

  • The change in demographics
  • The American economy recovered from the recession

The demographic aspect of the driver shortage issue can be explained by the fact that many of the drivers who have been working on the trucking field for decades are now ready to retire. Yet, the rate at which they're leaving is much higher than the rate at which new recruits are being found.

As you might know, the trucking industry is often viewed as one of the only fields in which job opportunities are always available. This specific characteristic attracted and allowed a large number of unemployed individuals to provide for the family during the latest recession. But now that the economy has rebounded, many of them are leaving the sector.

What are trucking firms doing to attract new drivers?

Trucking companies have been looking for ways to increase the appeal of the job opportunities they offer. Different measures have been applied such as salary increases, and the ability to choose preferential routes.

Salary levels are known to be high in the trucking industry, which means that the effect of any additional wage increase will hardly be effective. However, giving drivers the opportunity to choose the routes on which they want to carry and deliver their load is a more impactful benefit. Imagine you're able to pick your own hauls. This would mean that you can pretty much choose to work on any local route, which would then enable you to be home more often with your family.

Most trucking firms are looking for individuals who can commit for the long run. And until they've successfully dealt with the scarcity of drivers, they will keep coming up with new strategies to attract aspiring drivers like you. Submit an application today and start enjoying the benefits associated with the trucking field. 


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