Creating Instruments at Home

Creating Instruments at Home

3 Types of Parking Barrier Systems to Consider for Your Office Parking Lot

by Ramona Lawrence

If you own an office building and want to ensure there are always enough parking spaces in your lot for your employees and clients, you might be considering a parking barrier system of some kind. A good barrier system keeps out those you don't want to enter your building, but for best results, it's important to know about the different kinds of systems you can get. Here are a few barrier systems to consider.

Swing Arm

A swing arm barrier system is one where a metal or wooden arm rises and lowers down to restrict access to your parking lot. Sometimes a parking lot attendant booth is set up near the swing arm, so that an attendant can check credentials and identification before allowing people in and out of the lot. If no such booth exists, an electronic system can be set up so that people can press a button and reach someone indoors who can remotely raise or lower the arm. An electronic stand can also be installed to issue tickets, if you choose.

One disadvantage of such a system is that someone can accelerate the speed of their vehicle and break the arm that is place. If you do decide to use a swing arm system, be sure to only use a thick metal arm that cannot break apart.


When you use a bollard as your parking barrier system, it can be very difficult for an unauthorized person to enter your parking lot. Bollards are strong, thick columns that span the length of any entrance to your lot. To lower the bollards and allow people in, you may opt for a remote intercom system. Bollards may offer more protection than a single arm system, as they are more difficult to drive through.


Rolling gates can be a suitable parking barrier system for your office building. It is more difficult to drive through than a single arm system, and anyone who wants to walk into your parking lot who doesn't belong is unable to, or more likely to be seen, as they must take time climbing the gate. Rolling gates can be remotely opened through use of an intercom at the gate, or you can have a manned booth nearby.

A gate can be as aesthetically pleasing as you choose and can be constructed from wrought iron, aluminum and other metals. For additional security, you may decide to install barbed wire across the top of your gate.

Now that you know some of the types of parking barrier systems you can get for your office building, talk with a local contractor like Eastco; Mfg Corp about what kind of system will work best for your parking lot and your budget. With a good system in place, you can better control who comes in and out of your lot and your building.


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