Creating Instruments at Home

Creating Instruments at Home

Insulating Your Mechanical Systems

by Ramona Lawrence

Mechanical insulation can be important for keeping your important pieces of equipment running in the cold. Despite this insulation being a fairly low-tech solution, it can still require some thoughtful considerations when buying mechanical insulation for your devices.

Understand the Damages That Can Be Caused by Extremely Cold Temperature

For many mechanical systems, excessive heating can be a source of significant damage that may ruin these items. However, it is also important to appreciate that extremely low temperatures can also have negative effects on your equipment. For example, it can be possible for these temperatures to cause the water in these systems to freeze, which could lead to pipes or tubing rupturing. Additionally, extremely cold temperatures may also contribute to some components becoming excessively brittle. This is particularly common with gaskets and seals as they may become brittle enough to crack or break when exposed to extremely cold temperatures for a protracted period.

Choose an Insulation Option That Will Not Impede Airflow or Exhaust Ventilation

While insulation can be essential for keeping your equipment from getting too cold, you will want to avoid placing the insulation in a way that will obstruct the exterior vents for the system. If these vents become obstructed, the unit's air intake may not be sufficient, which can lead to damage occurring to the system. Luckily, it is possible to have mechanical insulation designed for your particular equipment so that it will be capable of providing effective performance without obstructing the airflow through vents or the exhaust line.

Consider Whether the Insulation Will Need to Be Removed in the Future

Depending on the type of equipment that you are needing to insulate, it may be necessary to regularly remove the insulation to work on the equipment or even to simply clean it. If this will be the case for your equipment, you will need to be more thorough when you are evaluating potential options. In particular, you will want to look for mechanical insulation paneling that can both be effectively secured to the machine while also being able to be removed by technicians that are needing to work on the system. Your workers that will need to remove this insulation will need to be trained on the effective removal and placement of the insulation panels to avoid the risk of them making mistakes that may reduce the performance of the insulation panels or even damage them.

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