Creating Instruments at Home

Creating Instruments at Home

Aluminum Soda Cans: Why You Should Get Them Recycled

by Ramona Lawrence

Are you aware that each time you toss out an aluminum soda can that you are causing harm to the environment? It is also in your best interest to take your aluminum cans to a recycling center, as you can make a little money if you do. Find out below about the usefulness of getting aluminum soda cans recycled, as well as how much money you can make in the process.

What Makes Recycling Aluminum Cans Useful?

Getting aluminum cans recycled is useful for the conservation of natural resources. When new aluminum cans are produced, it requires mining to be done. The bad thing about mining raw metal is that it can cause the air to become polluted. Mining can also lead to the ground becoming less sturdy, which can lead to it caving in through the formation of sink holes.

Aluminum soda cans are also environmentally dangerous because they can attribute to global warming. Droughts are harmful to both humans and animals because the heat destroys crops that are used for food. If the animals have fewer crops to eat, they can become unhealthy and die. Humans are then left with fewer plants, vegetables and meat sources, which also leads to higher food prices.

When aluminum soda cans are recycled, you are contributing to keeping the environment clean. The great thing about scrap metal is that it can be recycled over and over again for a variety of different products. When the metal goes towards new products, it helps with the reduction of greenhouse gases in the environment.

What Do Recycling Centers Pay for Aluminum Soda Cans on Average?

You can expect to get paid based on weight. For example, 0.55 lbs. of aluminum soda cans are valued at an average of $0.28. The condition of the cans may also have an effect on how much the recycling center is willing to pay, as well as what aluminum is going for at the time the cans are recycled. You can check websites that show the price of metal in real-time if you want to make sure you are getting compensated in a fair amount.

Don't forget to clean out all of the aluminum cans before hauling them away, as some of the recycling centers may not accept them if they are not clean. Stop by a local scrap metal recycling center, such as Pure Metal Recycling, to see if they take aluminum. You can get paid for your cans and contribute to doing something useful for the environment!


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