Creating Instruments at Home

Creating Instruments at Home

Steps To Take When Something Really Heavy Smashes Your Industrial Plant's Concrete Floor

by Ramona Lawrence

When you suspend really heavy objects overhead and pass them along the assembly line suspended by chains, at some point something will eventually drop. When these exceptionally heavy objects drop from on high and come crashing into the concrete floor of your plant, it leaves an indelible mark, like an asteriod in the earth's crust. Hopefully no one gets hurt when that event occurs, but then you will have a very large and very dangerous hole in your concrete floor. Here are some steps to take to remedy the situation quickly.

Document the Accident in Pictures Before You Remove the Object 

Unless the object actually fell on someone, leave it where it is. Document the accident in pictures as well as words. Your company's insurance company will want to see this for themselves, but you cannot leave the object where it is nor can you shut down the plant until the insurance company can send someone to take a look. Then get a crew together to formulate a plan of action.

Formulating a Plan and Carrying It Out

The object will need to be picked up and moved to the warehouse so that the insurance company can examine it before it is taken apart. If it is about the size of an automobile transmission, a forklift may be enough to remove it, otherwise find a small crane to lift it out of the crater it created in the floor. Anything larger or heavier than that and you will need a crane to remove it (either an overhead crane or a compact crane with an extending boom). Then start making calls for a concrete contractor.

Getting Estimates for the Concrete Repair and Hiring a Contractor

Get a few estimates for the repair work your plant's floor is definitely going to need. You may have to run the quotes by your insurance provider before you hire a contractor. Then hire the contractor who can remove the smashed chunks of concrete from  the floor and complete the job the fastest and with the least amount of time lost to the company. Part or all of the surrounding floor may need to be removed before an entire new slab can be poured in its place, and then the slab will have to dry and cure. This could take a few weeks, but your employees could probably walk on the new floor the next day if a contractor is willing to repair and replace the damaged concrete overnight.


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