Creating Instruments at Home

Creating Instruments at Home

Three Routine Questions Concerning Wayfinding Systems

by Ramona Lawrence

Ensuring that individuals can easily navigate your building is important for any commercial property owner. To help with this task, there are wayfinding systems that can be utilized to direct individuals to their desired destinations. However, if you have only recently acquired your first commercial building, you might need to have some questions about wayfinding answered.

Are Wayfinding Systems Always Required In Commercial Buildings?

Depending on your community's building code, it may be required for buildings past a certain size limit to have minimal wayfinding systems in place. Typically, these regulations will at least require paths to the exits to be clearly marked. In some instances, these signs may not be required for your building, but you should still consider installing them to help limit your liability in the event that there is a fire or other serious threat in the building.

Are All Wayfinding Systems The Same?

Some individuals might assume that every wayfinding system will be the same. This is not actually true, as modern advancements have greatly increased the available options. For example, it is now possible to install interactive kiosks that can provide extremely detailed information for guests in your building. While these systems may seem somewhat expensive, the convenience and prestige that they bring to your building can be more than worth this one-time expense.

What Happens When There Is A Loss Of Power?

Unfortunately, power losses can be an unavoidable problem that will eventually strike your building. When these issues arise, it can make it extremely hazardous for individuals inside the building as they may have difficulty seeing. Fortunately, you should know that there are emergency battery backup systems that can be used to provide power to these navigation systems. Furthermore, you can choose wayfinding signs that are equipped with emergency lighting to help ensure that the paths to the exits are well-illuminated.

Large buildings can be extremely disorienting for guests, and it is important for commercial properties to ensure that those inside the building can easily navigate the property. By installing wayfinding systems, you can ensure that your tenants or customers can easily navigate the building. Additionally, knowing that these systems may be required by your community, appreciating the benefits of interactive systems, and choosing wayfinding systems with battery backups will make it much easier for you to make wise choices when it concerns this important safety and navigational feature for your building. Work with a company like Elliott Bay Metal Fabricating Inc. that specializes in these systems to have one installed in your building.


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