Creating Instruments at Home

Creating Instruments at Home

Get Prepared For A Metal Collecting Expedition

by Ramona Lawrence

You may have heard that recycling metal is good for the environment and can also help you earn some money, but haven't thought twice about actually collecting materials that you can bring to a scrap yard. People toss out metal items regularly and forego their slice of the "money pie." If you have been trying to find a way to raise some money for a vacation next summer, learn about metal recycling and prepare yourself for a collecting expedition.

Learn The Difference Between Ferrous And Nonferrous

Metals are broken down into two categories, ferrous and nonferrous. Ferrous metals are common and won't pay as much as nonferrous. Nonferrous metals are resistant to corrosion, weigh less than ferrous metals, and have a higher conductivity threshold, making them more valuable. Steel and iron are two examples of ferrous metals and copper and brass are two examples of nonferrous metals.

The way to distinguish if a metal is ferrous or nonferrous is is by performing a magnet test. If a magnet does not stick to a metal, it is ferrous. If a magnet sticks to a metal, it it is nonferrous.

Of course, you should read up on all metal varieties and learn about the color and weight of each type to assist with separating metals. Bring a magnet along with you, however, to perform a quick test that will allow you to break your newly found metals down into two distinct categories.

Get The Word Out

You may be able to find some metal items in your home that you are willing to part with, including broken appliances, cookware, and electrical components, but, what happens when the well runs dry and you have no more viable options to choose for your recycling efforts? Let others know that you are willing to pick up scrap metals from their locations so that you are constantly met with a steady supply of recyclables.

It may seem awkward to you to reach out to business owners and residential home owners, but believe it or not, many people will consider your offer as one that is valuable and be pleased that they won't have to deal with unwanted items that are taking up space. Stop by local automotive shops, factories, and sole proprietorships that sell various items to let the owners know that you are interested in picking up their scrap metal.

Also, reach out to locals in your neighborhood, family members, and friends who live in the vicinity to let them know that you are able and willing to collect their scrap metal. After you have sorted and separated all of the items you have acquired, stop by a local recycling facility to part with the items in exchange for cash.


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