Creating Instruments at Home

Creating Instruments at Home

Door Lite Frames: Popular Products And Why You Need Them

by Ramona Lawrence

You have likely visited a building with door components made from framed glass panels. These are typically fastened into fiberglass and steel doors. Professionals call them door lite frames. Most property owners use them for decorative purposes, while others install them to allow more light into particular areas of a building. Either way, if you think your door needs lite frames, you are in the right place. The sections below will tell you what you need to know about the lite frame products available today and why you should consider using them.

Popular Door Lite Frames

There are different types of lite frames available in today's market. The most popular include:

1.       Full Lite

Full lite frames are for property owners that prefer doors primarily made of glass. That is because a large chunk of the door is glass, with a considerably small frame running around its perimeter. Therefore, in a nutshell, full lite are single glass panes designed to span a specific door's entire height. That is why most individuals think of interior or exterior French doors when they see a full lite door.

2.       Half Lite

As the name suggests, half-lite door frames cover half the height of a door. They are ideal for building owners who want to let in more natural light but don't want the exposure associated with full lite doors. Most individuals that use half lite frames install them on the top half of the door, meaning that only the top half is glazed.

3.       Vision Lite

You can add a vision lite frame to any door made from wood or steel. Manufacturers make vision lite doors from clear glass. This quality makes them more suitable for commercial building areas requiring more lighting and doors that allow residents to see who or what is about to enter. That is why you should consider installing them in office doors and those leading to constantly-used corridors.

Reasons to Install Door Lite Frames

Door lite frames are immensely popular and a must-have for most commercial and residential buildings primarily because they let in natural light. That is vital because a well-lit room uses up less electricity and helps you save significant sums in the long run. Plus, natural lighting plays an important role in decimating the growth of organisms and bacteria that are commonplace in poorly lit rooms. According to this study, light exposure at specific wavelengths can inactivate some microorganisms and lower the number of dust communities. If you want to keep your tenants safe by doing that, consider installing appropriate, top-notch door lite frames.     


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