Creating Instruments at Home

Creating Instruments at Home

How To Keep Rubber Quad Rings In Optimal Condition For A Long Time

by Ramona Lawrence

Quad rings have four lips and this design gives them exceptional sealing efficiency. If you plan on keeping these rings in optimal shape for a long time, the following measures are important to take.

Maintain a Consistent Cleaning Schedule

Quad rings are naturally going to get dirty, but you don't want this to continue happening without a response because it's going to lead to premature wear and tear. You want to maintain a consistent cleaning schedule so that these rings are able to truly last.

You can consult with your quad ring's manufacturer to see what cleaning interval they suggest or you can make your own and then monitor how successful it is at keeping premature wear from happening. You don't need a lot of expensive gear to clean quad rings either. An approved cleaning solution and lint-free rag are all that you need really. 

Set up Quad Rings Properly

If you rushed through a quad ring's setup, there is a chance you could make a mistake and thus expose the ring to more damage than it would otherwise be susceptible to. Even slight miscalculations with placement can result in quad ring issues.

That's why you want to take your time getting these rings set up around systems that require sealing. You need to focus on achieving an optimal target setup location and verifying installation was a success before leaving the quad ring. If you don't feel confident with your own installation skills, find a contractor who is. 

Keep Inspecting Rings For Signs of Wear 

Even though quad rings provide exceptional sealing capabilities and are often made from durable rubber compounds, wear is still going to be something that takes place. You just need to keep a close watch for it over time so that if you start seeing red flags, you can address them before a total quad ring replacement is necessary.

For instance, you want to keep a close watch for things like cracks, uneven sections, and chips. These signs of wear should be carefully inspected to see what repair can be done to restore sealing performance moving forward. 

Quad rings are often used for sealing purposes because of their distinct shape. If you want to make the most out of them over the years for a system, then take the right maintenance approach from the beginning. Then you won't be left dealing with repair after repair.

For additional information, contact a quad rind supplier such as Rothkopf.


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