Creating Instruments at Home

Creating Instruments at Home

Common Types Of Commercial Heating Units To Consider

by Ramona Lawrence

Heating a commercial building is required to keep the working conditions tolerable. Commercial heating units are robust compared to residential ones since they supply heat to an extensive area. Besides heating the offices, they also prevent condensation and mold growth, thereby improving air quality. This article looks at different types of commercial heating systems available. 

Heat Exchanger System

This heating system uses a fan to draw in air, pass it over a heat source, and then release the warm air into the room. The heat source could be an electric system, oil and gas burner, or heated water in a container. The heaters either stand on the floor, are mounted on the wall, or are suspended from the ceiling. Many offices use floor-standing models since you can attach a nozzle to direct the heat to a specific location in an office or hook it to a ductwork system if you want to disperse heat to a large area. The heat exchange system type depends on the floor space and office layout. A suspended heater is perfect for offices with limited floor space. 

Air Rotation Heating 

Warm air rises above cool air as it becomes lighter. It's a clear energy loss in a working space, which adds more to your electric bills. The air rotation heating system sucks in air through the fans, heats it, and slowly circulates it around the room. This heating system is perfect for warehouses to prevent frosting. The uniform heat circulation prevents condensation, which protects goods from moisture damage. The effectiveness of air rotation heating eliminates the need for a ductwork system and is also easy to install and maintain. 

Radiant Heating System

Instead of heating air in a room, the radiant heating system emits radiation heat from hot radiant tubes suspended on the ceiling, which warms people in direct line with the heat source. The floor, walls, and people become secondary heaters, raising the office temperature further. However, someone will not experience the heating effect if there are objects such as shelves or walls between them and the heater. The air temperature they attain is not as warm as that of heated air, but workers still experience a warm environment close to the heater. Besides that, radiant heating systems are efficient energy savers by reducing heat loss. 


Commercial heating systems regulate and keep workplace temperatures optimal and comfortable. A workplace with a faulty or weak heating system creates a hostile environment, which affects employees' productivity. The type of heating system in a commercial setting depends on the office layout, the number of employees, and the nature of the workplace, like warehouses or offices. Contact a heating system expert if you need help with commercial heating installation.

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